A dead tree is just that. Dead. It has no life so the wood becomes brittle and starts to rot away. You never know when a branch can fall and hurt someone, so it is important to have the tree removed immediately. This customer had a large oak that was starting to rot away. The tree hovered over a sidewalk and the street, a hazard to pedestrians.  We came to this Ridgewood, NJ home and safely took down the tree, grinding the stump, so that new plantings could be grown in the area.

Taking down a dead tree in Ridgewood NJ

Getting ready to begin taking down this dead tree in Ridgewood, NJ.

Ridgewood Tree cutting down dead branches

Cutting down some of the higher branches of this dead tree

Taking off the branches of a dead tree

Here we are cutting off the highest branches of this dead tree

Ridgewood Tree Grinding Tree branches

Grinding up the branches that were removed

If you have a tree on your property that has sparse growth, and you’re suspicious could be dead give us a call at (201) 444-0315 and we’ll come take a look and provide you with a quote for the tree removal.