New Year’s Resolutions…. We make them, we think we’ll stick to them, then life gets in the way… That always seems to be the way things go. But, sometimes there are easier resolutions to stick to, why not try to make one of those this year? Make a resolution to keep your yard (and your trees) in tip-top shape in 2016.

It’s arguably easier to do than changing up your diet and work routines, and is a great way to spend time on an investment that is often overlooked.


We’ve compiled for you a list of 7 Resolutions for you to try in 2016. Do a few or do them all, but the good thing is they’re a good investment for your property, and they’ll get you outdoors enjoying Mother Nature.

  1. Get Control of your Weeds
    It’s hard to find a yard without any weeds. Whether they grab hold to your garden or grass (or both,) weeds can do some serious damage to your yard and even kill it entirely. We understand why most gardeners and homeowners dread weeding. Not only does it take a lot of time, but weeds can grow back by the next day if you weed at the wrong time. Weeding after a heavy rainstorm and pulling weeds out by the roots are just two pro tips for weeding. A well-weeded yard will be healthy and look beautiful all year long.
  2. Proper Lawn Irrigation
    There’s nothing worse then dead, brown patches on your lawn. Making sure your lawn has enough water throughout the year is one of the simplest resolutions you can make. A good rule to follow is to make sure your lawn gets at least 1 inch of water per week whether from hose, irrigation system, or rain. Irrigating your lawn properly also depends on what time you’re watering your lawn. Dawn and dusk are the best times to water your lawn because little to no water will evaporate. That means most of the water will feed your grass and keep it looking green and bright.
  3. Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertlize!
    In order to replenish your soil’s nutrients you should fertilize regularly. Fertilizing your grass will lead to greener, fuller lawns. You can get to work on this resolution in the early spring when your yard’s grass begins to green up. There are a lot of different methods for fertilizing, and a lot of different types of fertilizers. Just always remember to follow the directions on your container of fertilizer.
  4. Prune and Trim Trees
    Why prune and trim your trees? Pruning tree limbs is vital to the life of a tree, and many benefits come from properly trimmed trees. This resolution aims to improve the health of your trees by removing dead or dying branches. When your prune and/or trim a tree, you’re not only saving the tree from possible diseases that are affecting the afflicted branches, but you’re also creating a safer yard now that the branch cannot fall on anyone or anything. Trimming trees is also great for removing branches that hanging places where they aren’t supposed to; like your over your neighbor’s yard or a power line. This can be a dangerous job depending on the height of the tree, how dead the limbs are, etc. so be sure to give us a call at 201-444-0315 to see how we can help you keep your trees healthy.
  5. Add/Improve Vegetable Garden
    Vegetable gardens are great for healthy, homegrown foods like Jersey Tomatoes and blueberries. If you don’t have a vegetable garden already, you’re missing out on delicious, inexpensive food and a really rewarding way to spend time outdoors. And, if you have children, they’ll love learning about the plants, helping you and watching them grow- you may even get them to eat more vegetables! All you have to do is till up a square with some soil, plant your seeds, and water consistently. If you already have a veggie garden, why not look to expand it this year. Try planting some new seeds and at some new times this year.
  6. Take Care of Garden Pests
    If you’re going to plant a vegetable garden you’re almost definitely going to experience some garden pests. Whether they’re tiny snails or aphids or thieving deer and groundhogs, garden pests can really be a pain in the butt so it’s important to keep them out of your garden. Repellents, traps, and scare devices are all good investments to checking off this resolution.
  7. Enjoy your Yard
    When it comes down to it, your yard is an extension of your living area. Although work, family, and life in general can be hectic, make time for relaxing in your yard. Make it a goal to picnic in the spring, BBQ in the summer, bonfire in the fall, and sled in the winter.

No matter how many of these tips you try, we hope you’ll at least start thinking about spending more time in your yard. The earlier you schedule things like tree pruning, sprinkler installation, fertilization, the sooner your yard will be ready for fun family time. So, give us a call at 201-444-0315 if you think you have some trees in need of trimming or pruning this Spring. And please, be sure to post photos of your family having fun in your yard on our Facebook page with #familyfunyard. We look forward to seeing you enjoying your outdoor space.